Saturday, February 28, 2009

Depeche Mode - Wrong

The Video For HD
The video for "Wrong" is now on YouTube. This isn't a normal YouTube video, though. This is in YouTube's special HD format. The video looks so good that we embedded the full HD video on the front page of! You have to check it out.

SOTU Box Set Pre-Order
We now have pre-order links for the Deluxe Box Set Edition of Sounds Of The Universe. Additional direct links will be added as they become available.

The DM Widget
In the Download area we now have a special DM widget! Using the "grab this app" button on the widget, you can embed the widget on your blog or social networking profile. As soon as the News or Tour areas are updated on, the widget is automatically updated! You also get pictures, and the latest videos. Check it out! While you are in the Download area...

Wrong Wallpaper
This wallpaper for "Wrong" is so right. We've taken select frames
from the Hi Def video, and made some great wallpaper. Show your love
for DM, and plaster these wallpapers everywhere!

In The Studio - Web Clip #11
In this week's clip, Martin works on a guitar riff...with a bowl of
fruit. We can't explain it. You have to go and check it out.

A reminder...

Luxembourg Contest
Simply put, this is the biggest contest we have ever had on the site! Go check it out!

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