Thursday, October 20, 2011

The New version of Google Presentations

There's a new version of Google Presentations that has both a new interface and new features that bring it on par with the other Google Docs apps. To try the new version, go to the settings page, select the "editing" tab, enable "Create new presentations using the latest version of the presentation editor", go back to Google Docs and create a new presentation.

Google Presentations has an HTML5 rich-text editor created from the scratch by Google and initially available in Google's online word processor. The editor supports character-by-character collaboration, transitions and animations, rich tables with merged cells, drawing charts and diagrams within the presentation and using shapes to link to other sides. Google Presentations also includes some new themes.

"At this time, it's only possible to create new presentations in the new version of Google presentations. Older presentations will remain in the old format for the time being, and we'll eventually upgrade them to the new format to give you all of the benefits of using the new version. You can copy old presentations into the new version by using the import slides feature or by copying and pasting slides using the web clipboard," explains Google. "With today's launch, the Google Docs suite is now built on a single, solid foundation. Now that the groundwork is in place, you can expect more useful and collaborative features, delivered faster than ever before," promises Google.

{ Thanks, Andrew. }

New colours in Google Calendar

Google Calendar updated the color palette and you can now choose from 24 colors that match the new interface. "The color of each of your calendars has been updated to use the closest possible color from the new palette. The new colors will only be available in the web interface (for example, you won't see these colors if you're accessing Calendar via your mobile phone)," informs Google.

It's worth mentioning that the new colors are only available if you use Google Calendar's new UI. To switch to the new interface, click the Options menu in the navigation bar and select "Try the new look". You can always go back to the old UI from the same menu.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Windows 7 surpassed XP in market share. Mac OS still far far away.

Windows 7 surpasses Windows XP in market share, globally
According to new StatCouter figures, it took two years but Windows 7 has surpassed its older brother XP in market share. In April, Windows 7 passed XP in the U.S., but the international count stood at 46.8 percent for XP and just 31.5 percent.for 7.

That number has now quickly reversed, with Windows 7 gaining to 40.15 percent and XP falling to 38.78 percent.

Vista also gained a bit to 11.14 per cent.

Apple's Mac OS X saw another uptick to 7.26 percent.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Using CloudApp with Sparrow

Once you have activated CloudApp in Sparrow, here are the basics of how it works:
  • Dragging and dropping attachments in the composer will directly upload it with CloudApp.
  • Dropping an attachment to the bottom of the compose window will attach the file the classic way.

  • Using the Attachment button in the top-left corner will always upload files the old classic way.

  • Dragging and dropping attachments on Sparrow’s dock icon will opens a new composer and upload the file with CloudApp.

  • Pressing ‘Cmd’ while dragging and dropping a file in the composer will attach it the classic way.