Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Familiar Singaporean behaviour seen at Resorts World Sentosa

From 'chope'-ing seats to shouting out loud, Singaporeans aren't afraid to be themselves in Singapore's latest attraction

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'Chope' - that's my seat

Seats are at a premium in the over-crowded casino, and some middle-aged female patrons have been spotted leaving packets of tissue paper on the tables to 'chope' - or reserve - their seats. Others who need a toilet break get friends to fend off other patrons keen to take their seat.

Shout out loud

Punters can be a loud and animated bunch.

Shouts of 'huat, ah!' ('prosperity') are frequently heard throughout the hall.

'Picture, picture!' is another oft-heard phrase at the poker and baccarat tables. It refers to the king, queen and jack cards in a poker deck.

In fact, the more crowded and loud an activity is, the better, it seems. The tables with the most 'action' draw the biggest crowds.

Some players joke loudly with dealers as if they are old friends.

'Why get so worked up? They think if they shout louder, they will win? If that's the case, the casino would have closed down a long time ago,' said retiree Tan Thiam Chye, 70, who was observing them.

Make yourself at home

Spotted at the casino: people taking off their shoes and sandals as they parked themselves at the jackpot machines. Others slept on the sofas in the rest corners for precious shut-eye time before waking up refreshed for yet another round at the machines.

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Click the image to open in full size.

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