Thursday, March 17, 2011

Android Apps and Games Pack

Android Apps and Games Pack Feb 20 2011
Applications / Games | Release Group: P2P | 2011-02-21 | 330.53 MB

Here is the latest Android Application and Game Pack
Angry Birds Ad-Free and Unlocker
AVG antivirus Pro
PAC-MAN Championship Edition
Spy Phone

Fellow Angry Birds Crackheads Rejoice! Unlocker is out, you can save progress, uninstall, install adfree/updates, then restore progress! Anyways enjoy the rest of the stuff as well.


a Applanet 2.7.3.apk
a AudioManager Pro (2.1.3).apk
a AVG antivirus Pro (2.5).apk
a Beautiful Widgets (3.3.6).apk
a Better Keyboard (8.4.1).apk
a Better Keyboard Unlocker (Unlock key 1.0).apk
a Chandroid browser (5.7.0).apk
a Checkmark ToDo List Pro (4.0.3).apk
a Crazy Home (2.11).apk
a Evernote (2.6.1).apk
a Extended Controls (5.2.2).apk
a Full Screen Caller ID (5.0.14).apk
a gReader Pro (Google Reader) (2.0.7).apk
a Invisible Protector Pro (2.4.0).apk
a Light Grid Pro (4.0.1).apk
a LockBot Pro (1.16.6).apk
a Manga Watcher Application (0.4.26FULL).apk
a Manual of Lab & Diagnostic Tests v1.2.0.apk
a MultiTasking Pro v1.33 .apk
a Plume_Premium_Key_1.0.apk
a Pure Calendar widget (agenda) (2.4.5).apk
a Pure messenger widget (2.1.1).apk
a Pure music widget (1.2.5).apk
a Screen Suite Lock Screen v2.2.apk
a Shazam (2.5.3-BB70303).apk
a Smart App Protector(app lock+) (2.1.7).apk
a Smart Taskbar Pro (sidebar)
a Spy Phone v1.0.28.apk
a SwitchPro Widget 1.9.5.apk
a Torque (1.4.6).apk
a TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter (5.0.1).apk

g [Angry Birds Ad-Free and Unlocker]
g 3D Bio Ball HD (2.5).apk
g 3D Magic Words (3.0).apk
g Bejeweled 2
g ConnecToo (1.4.5).apk
g Doodle Dash Pro (1.7).apk
g DynamoKid Touch (3.0.13).apk
g Elecdrum Drum Machine & Sampler (4.3.2).apk
g Farm Tower Pro (1.2.6).apk
g Flick Kick Field Goal (1.0.6).apk
g FPse (0.10.8) PS EMU.apk
g Garden Of Weeden v4.1.8.apk
g HOMERUN BATTLE 3D r (1.4.1).apk
g Hyper Jump (1.7.2).apk
g JellyBalls (1.4.0).apk
g Karoshi (1.0.0).apk
g Last Stand v1.0.2.apk
g Maddening (1.0.0).apk
g Meteor Blitz 1.9.apk
g Mini Army (1.4.5).apk
g MiniSquadron! (1.17).apk
g Mr. Block v1.2.apk
g MX Moto (1.5.8).apk
g PAC-MAN Championship Edition (1.0.4).apk
g Scooter Hero SALE 1.7.apk
g Squibble (1.0 build 633).apk
g Stupid Zombies v1.2.apk
g Super Drill Panic (1.1.1).apk
g Teka Teki (1.0.0).apk
g The Impossible Game (1.5).apk
g The Impossible Game Level Pack (1.0).apk
g They Need To Be Fed (1.0.0).apk
g Tower Bloxx- NY v1.0.3.apk
g Wordsmith (1.1.1).apk




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