Monday, November 15, 2010

MoneyWell 1.6.3 (593) | Mac Os X

MoneyWell 1.6.3 (593) | Mac Os X | 7.6 MB

MoneyWell™ gives you powerful personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, single-screen solution. Without running complex reports or having to trudge through six levels of pie charts, you'll know immediately if your spending is on track. 

MoneyWell Buckets
An Electronic Twist on "Envelope Budgeting"
Splitting up your paycheck into envelopes for each category of your budget is a tried and true method for stopping overspending. Unfortunately, with direct deposit and debit cards that work like cash, it's nearly impossible to do today. MoneyWell supercharges that concept and gives you back control over your spending with spending buckets. 

Find What You're Looking For
Want to see all your dining out transactions from last month? There's no need to run a report or find one transaction at a time. Just click the Dining bucket, click last month's graph bar and you're done. One or two clicks completes almost any lookup. What if you knew the entry had the word "apple" in it? Just type "apple" in Search Transactions and instantly see the results before you finish typing. 

Go with the Flow
Remember the joke with the punchline: "How can I be overdrawn? I still have checks left!" It's not so funny when it happens to you. That's why MoneyWell tells you more than just your account balance: it tells you what you can spend for each activity.

It's easy to set up too: Click Spending Plan to set a planned amount for each bucket and click Allocate Income to flow your income into the buckets. When you have spent all the money in a bucket, it shows up as tipped over and empty. 

Scheduled Transaction
Stay on Schedule
With MoneyWell, you can schedule transactions in the future and have them automatically repeat under your control. Pending transactions can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and end when you say stop. 

Direct Connect Banking
MoneyWell lets you download your accounts and transactions with a single-click from hundreds of banks and other financial institutions. 

Control Credit Card Debt
Credit cards are dangerous because they fly under the budget radar. MoneyWell is an equal opportunity spending manager. It sees money coming out of your Clothing bucket even if it comes from your credit card instead of your checking account.

Single-Click Reconcile
Have you ever wished for an easier way to reconcile your bank accounts? Your wish has just been granted! MoneyWell gives you a very visual way to match your transactions to your bank statements.

International Currency & Dates
MoneyWell uses your International settings in the System Preferences panel to format numbers, currency, and dates. With MoneyWell, you not only control your spending—you control how it looks! You can choose a different currency for each account and also set exchange rates to automatically convert amounts for transfers.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Version 1.6.3: 
* Improved sync to only occur on when necessary 
* Improved performance of automatic exchange rate updating 
* Improved Cash Flow view to always show future open transactions 
* Fixed automatic sync to always respect user preference to turn it off 
* Fixed refresh of transaction order and running balances after changes 
* Fixed refresh of Reconcile view to keep scroll position after sync 
* Fixed improper add bucket prompt on transaction detail bucket change for Unassigned folder items 
* Fixed transaction detail refresh showing wrong transaction after account or bucket change 
* Fixed incorrect transaction selection after drag and drop of non-selected row on transaction tree 
* Fixed crash on startup if sync file setting was corrupted 
* Fixed CSV/delimited import to recognize newly added deposit types on first import 
* Fixed Split Transaction panel to show cash transfers as active

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