Friday, January 28, 2011

Vinoteka 2.5 | Mac Os

Vinoteka 2.5 | Mac Os | 43.4 MB

Vinoteka is a brand new wine cellar management software for Mac. Extremely easy and fun to use, Vinoteka offers a realistic interface to manage your bottles (wine, liquors or spirits) recreate your cellar and organize wine tasting sessions. No matter if wine is new for you or if you already are an expert, Vinoteka is here to make your wine experience the best.

Wine cellar management era...on a computer
Vinoteka, with its new definition of the wine cellar management, offers a brand new way of considering wine and the cellar management: no need to go to your real cellar to see what's in it, it's in your computer! Thanks to the dematerialization of the information about your cellar and its centralization in your computer(s), make your bottles live and animate your cellar.

Complete customization
Choose among a large variety of bottle shapes, get the labels you want online and pick among different rack types to make your virtual cellar as personalized as possible. You also need a group for a better organization? Create as many as necessary. And if a color is missing or if you have any suggestion for a bottle shape or a rack, just send us an email and we'll take it into account!

Easy to use and efficient
Thanks to its functional yet realistic interface, get into Vinoteka in a few clicks and make it the essential partner to manage your cellar. With its precise and intuitive features, don't lose time to get into the program very quickly: only useful features, no loss of time, essential information for your references and a breathtaking appearance.

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Version 2.5:
FEAT: Introducing New Tasting Notes Print
FEAT: Introducing New Bottles Print
FEAT: Introducing Wine Fridge and Wine Box storage
FEAT: Introducing Pro Rating feature for References
FEAT: Introducing Links feature for References
FEAT: Introducing Keywords feature for References
FEAT: Added Varietals column and varietals sort out
FEAT: Added Evaluation column and evaluation sort out
FEAT: Added "All Bottles" source
FEAT: New Print and Report
FEAT: New Example File
ENH: New Bottle filters
ENH: Rack and Shelf editing window has been redesigned
ENH: Reference History section has been redesigned
LANG: Localization enhancements
BUG: Many bugs fixed
BUG: Broadbent Tasting Note fully saved
BUG: Avoid third-party contextual menu

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