Monday, February 14, 2011

Change Faces background in iPhoto '11

Another good tip !!

Ever disliked the default Faces background in iPhoto? Ever thought it was distracting? Then this is for you.

First, navigate to:


and look for a file named 'people-cork.png.' This is the background for Faces in iPhoto. Simply replace this with a new background of your choice. However, it seems like doing this operation requires system authentication. So, what you should do is make a copy of the original image, then delete it from the Resources folder. Then, copy the new image in, authenticating in the process. Remember to keep the old image just in case you wish to revert back later.

A good place to find backgrounds is surprisingly in Apple's Mail Stationary. Simply go to:

/Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationary

If you hit 'Show Package Contents' on the stationary nested in those folders, you can actually find many great backgrounds. Simply name it 'people-cork' (with a format of PNG).

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