Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yahoo Plus IMAP Settings for Mac OS X Mail

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If you have tried and failed to configure the Apple e-mail client for your Yahoo Plus mail account here's a solution. Note: This hint has only been tested and known to work on Mac OS X 10.6.6 and Mail 4.4 Build 1082.

Here is the process:
  • With Mail open, on the Menu Bar click Mail » Preferences.
  • Click the plus sign to add an account.
  • Type your name, as you'd like it to appear.
  • Type your e-mail address (including the domain) example =
  • Type your password INCORRECTLY making it anything OTHER THAN the correct password. Click Create.
  • You'll receive an error prompt that the login failed, stating there may be an additional fee for Yahoo POP access. Don't worry, you're a subscriber and this was expected. Click Continue.
  • In the Account Type field click the drop down box and select IMAP. In the Incoming Server field replace 'plus.pop' with 'imap' and then click Continue.
  • You'll notice a spinning gear indicating that Mail is checking the connection -- this could take up to a minute or two depending on your connection speed and server activity. Upon successfully connecting you'll be prompted to click Continue.
  • For the Outgoing Mail Server you'll need to delete the 'plus' so the server name reads The Use Authentication checkbox should be selected - now, type your CORRECT password!
  • The next box provides a summary of your changes so far. Verify you've entered the Incoming Server as, the Outgoing Mail Server as and SSL is set to ON for both servers. At this point we are not ready to take the account online so clear that check box. Click Create.
Now that the account is created there are a few settings that need to be changed.
  • First, click the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop down box, then Edit SMTP Server List.
  • Click the Advanced tab, then click Use custom port and enter 465. Your correct password should have been populated to that field previously. Click OK.
  • Now, click the Advanced tab and change the default port from 995 (POP) to 993 (IMAP).
  • Close the Accounts dialog box and save your changes. Provided you've completed these steps properly you should be ready to take your account online.
  • Click Mailbox » Take all accounts online. Your IMAP folders on the server should now begin the replication and population process.
I searched every forum I could think of, including calling Apple Tech Support and this is the only solution I found that works. If you have a better mousetrap please let us all know!

I have also posted a narrated slide show of the procedure here.

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