Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Billings Pro 1.1 | Mac Os X

Billings Pro 1.1 | Mac Os X | 34.7 MB

Billings Pro on the Mac is the facade of the Billings Pro system and is built for managers, business owners and partners. With the award winning Billings interface and our acclaimed 4th generation automatic background sync technology, you get a unique blend of multi-user power and ease of use. Enjoy using the best time tracking and invoicing solution with the flexibility to work anywhere. No slow page reloads, no need for a persistent internet connection, no archaic system running in a closet and no need for cryptic manuals.


Billings Pro requires Mac OS X 10.6.4 or newer.

Version 1.1:

New features/Enhancements:
Export to QuickBooks. You can now export clients, invoices, payments and retainers to an IIF file and then import that IIF file into QuickBooks. You can also import the chart of accounts and client names from an IIF file. Please note that multiple currencies are not supported with QuickBooks. Check the built in apple help (Help > Billings Pro Help) for specific details.
MoneyWorks Integration. Billings Pro now integrates with MoneyWorks 6.0.5 (Express, Gold and Data Center). Billings Pro connects to the running MoneyWorks to exchange data. There is no manual file transfer. You can send Clients (that have not been linked using the NameCode), Invoices, Payments and Retainers. Further, payments received in MoneyWorks for an invoice created in Billings Pro are pulled into Billings Pro and the totals are updated. You can also import clients from MoneyWorks into Billings Pro. When doing so, the NameCode is already set. Transactions in multiple currencies are also supported. Check the built in help documentation (Help > Billings Pro Help) for specific details.
Faster Invoice, Estimate and Statement generation. The process of creating these documents has been made significantly faster. This is especially on slow networks or on distant networks. The process is the same but the speed has been improved.
Directly add clients. You can now add clients directly in Billings Pro. You don't have to import them from Address Book or Daylite. Further, Billings Pro no longer requires the client to be in Address Book before sending an invoice. We've also separated the actions into individual menu items: Add Clients from: Address Book, Daylite, MoneyWorks and QuickBooks (IIF).

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