Monday, April 4, 2011

FlexTeam 2.5.2 | Mac Os X

FlexTeam 2.5.2 | Mac Os X | 8 MB

FlexTeam is an incredibly useful tool to manage people in your group, organization, or company. Our goal is to make the user's experience as intuitive and task oriented as possible. FlexTeam is a really powerful schedule management tool that is visually appealing. It helps you share information, work jointly on schedules, and use all of your available human resources as efficiently as possible (you can check daily working schedules, manage days off for each person and track holidays). FlexTeam can show your schedule in different formats (view by day, week, month, or year). You can print your views, generate PDF files, or publish a schedule on your website with one click.

We designed FlexTeam to be very user-friendly. Instead of wasting your time figuring out how to decipher complex software, you can be more productive and efficient. Our unique user-centric approach sets our product apart from any other, making it a powerful, easy-to-use software created to work with Mac OS X.

Allows you to organize the daily working schedule of a team
Allows you to display all assignments on a calendar view
Allows you to manage the working hours and the list of days off for each resource
Allows you to create templates for working hours, days off, holidays
Numerous customizeable views are available for tasks and resources
Option to print a schedule for each resource: employees will never be late anymore!

Mac Os 10.5 or 10.6

Version 2.5.2:
Improved reliability
Improved user interface


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